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Jacques Gotko (Yakow Gotkowski) (1900-1943)
In Spite of Everything ("Quand même")
Compiègne Camp 21 May 1942

 © Beit Lohamei Haghetaot

Ink and watercolor on paper, 14 x 19 cm

This work commemorates the anniversary of being interned in the camp. The inmates listed were interned on 21 May 1941 in the "Billet Vert" operation, being summoned to a Parisian police station and then sent to Compiègne. The work contains the signatures of various inmates and the numbers given to them by the camp: Isis Kischka 787 122; A. Leon 2203; Zladin 1381; Goychman 356; Curfist 1379; Rivinof 797; S. Max 388; Berliner 369; S. Schleifer 163; A. Berline 944; K. Kirschenstein 1152; Herzberg 1061. On the back of the work, in the lower part, is an inscription in French: Pour remettre à Mme. Salomon Kraczmen, parvenir par un mot Mme Kraczmen, 7 av. de l'Entent à Sartrouville, que tu viens la voir un Dimanche que to lui indiquera (vas-y avec Gaby), elle sera content et son mari aussi [to hand over to Mrs. Salomon Kraczman, 7 av. de L'Entenete in Satrouville. Please visit her on a Sunday at her convenience (go there with Gaby). She and her husband will be very pleased]

Inscribed and dated (in French), upper right: Quand même, 21 mai 1942 [in spite of everything, 21 May 1942]. Signed, lower right: Gotko, 1496 [his camp number]

© Beit Lohamei Haghetaot, Museum Number 1940.
Donated by Isis Kischka, Paris, 1969