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Activity 3 - Way of Life in the Ghettos and Camps

(A) Many of the art works show what life was like in the ghettos and camps. Select 8 pictures showing everyday life in 2 or 3 different places. You can find pictures of people by typing "people" in the simple search. Another way is to choose some of these subjects in the advanced search: "food", "work", "leisure", "exercise", "personal hygiene", "religious practice".

Look closely at the works you have chosen. Describe the following:

  • People - Are they young or old? Do they look well or sick?
  • Place - Where are the people in the picture? What are their surroundings?
  • Activities - What are the people doing? What does this tell us about everyday life in the camp or ghetto?
  • Objects - What objects are people using in their activity?

(B) Compare the works you have chosen, stressing the similarities and the differences between then. Note any differences between the camps or ghettos you have chosen?

(C) Choose 4 pictures that are similar. Use these as the starting point for a short story.