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Activity 3 - Way of Life in the Ghettos and Camps

(A) Choose 6 works that reveal aspects of everyday life in the 2 or 3 different ghettos and camps. You could find these by typing "people" in the simple search or by choosing some of these subjects in the advanced search: "food", "work", "leisure", "exercise", "personal hygiene", "religious practice". Read about the artists and places associated with these works.

(B) Think about or discuss these questions: How do these art works relate to your previous knowledge or impressions of life in the ghettos and camps? Do they confirm your expectations? Do they reveal anything unexpected or surprising? Was life the same for everyone or was it easier for some and harder for others?

(C) Write a newspaper article about everyday life in a camp or ghetto. Concentrate on the cultural activity within that place. You can draw on the biographies and histories and on material in the study resources section.