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Activity 1 - People in the Ghettos and Camps - Inmates' Attempts to Maintain their Humanity

(A) Look through the portraits produced in the camps or ghettos and note how the inmates are depicted in them. Look particularly at the works by Buresova, Féder, Ochs and Schaleck.

(B) Compare the works of Amalie Seckbach, Esther Lurie and Halina Olomucki - which ones are "realistic" and which are "imaginative"?

(C) Write an essay answering one or both of these questions:

  • What was the role of the imagination in the art of the Holocaust?
  • Is there any connection between "beautified" portraits and "imaginative" works?

You should give specific examples and refer to the artist biographies and the "Visual Art in the Holocaust" essay (see study resources).